Brian Sweeney



Flashed           2009-Currently

Red Chili         2000-2002

Wild Country             2000-2002



CWI    2012

Level 1 USAC Routesetting   2011

Wilderness First Responder   2009-Currently



Sierra Climbing Team        2012-Currently

Head Couch

BaseCamp     2011-Currently

Manager, Head Route setter

Head Route setter, Forerunner CCS Nor-Cal Regional Championships 2013

High Altitude Fitness          2009-2012

Route setter, Forerunner

Squaw Valley Academy       2010-2011

Climbing coach, weekend activity supervisor

Unified Bouldering Championships         2008-2010

Salt Lake City, UT Outdoor Retailer Annual Pro competition

Route setter, Forerunner

RockSport Reno        2006-2012

Route setter, youth team coach, and desk clerk

Route setter, Forerunner annual ABS , SCS competitions 2006, 2007, 2011,

Route setter, Forerunner Northern California Regional ABS competition 2011

Media Representation


Published in Photographer’s Forum, Annual “Best of College Photography.”

Published in Climbing Magazine, ABS supplement, October

Published in Rock and Ice, December

Produced and Directed “Urban Assault” video


Published in Verve Clothing catalogue.


Published in Central Washington Bouldering, Sharpend Publishing.


Published in Urban Climber, #24


Published in Adventure Sports Journal #50.

Published in Dead Point Magazine, Photo Annual.

Interviewed and Published in Dead Point Magazine, “Pro-Files.”

Produced and Directed “Endless Summer” video


Published in Urban Climber, #52


Produced and Directed “The Sierra Buttes Boulderneering Chronicles” video


Interviewed in Dead Point Magazine, “Quartz Highway Gold.” Issue 23

Published in Bouldering Lake Tahoe – North/West Shore Edition, Tahoe Bouldering Guides.


Notable Climbs

“The Mystery” V12, Buttermilks Bishop, CA

“Stake Your Claim” V11, First Ascent, Sierra Buttes, CA

“The Tsunami” V11, First Ascent, Castle Peak, CA

“Claim Jumper” V11, Second Ascent, Sierra Buttes, CA

“The Ashtray” V11, Truckee, CA

“Dark Age” V11, Hueco Tanks, TX

“The Cougar Killer” V10, First Ascent, Castle Peak, CA

“One Mule Wonder” V10, Flash, Buttermilks Bishop, CA

“Space Odyssey” V10, Second Ascent, Sierra Buttes, CA

“Man Meat Cave” V10 Second Ascent, Sierra Buttes, CA

“Finger Hut” V10, Joe’s Valley, UT

“The Great Escape” V10, Squamish, BC

“No Troublems” V10, Squamish, BC

Skeeter Glen” V9, First Ascent, Castle Peak, CA

“Big Bang” V9, First Ascent, Sierra Buttes, CA

Shroom” V9, Flash, Hueco Tanks, TX

I started climbing in 1998 and grew up on the RockSport youth climbing team. I competed in the JCCA/USCCA/USA Climbing Northern California Region placing 16th 2003 USCCA Nationals and 16th 2004 ABS Nationals.

I have extensive experience with competition rock climbing ranging from climbing as a competitor, coaching, Route setting, and Forerunning.  I am a USAC Level 1 certified Route setter and a CWI certified instructor.

I am an ambassador to the sport of rock climbing by contributing to the local climbing community through teaching clinics and youth programs.

I have helped to develop several bouldering areas by establishing first ascents, building trails, and creating landings.

I have been fortunate to be a driving force in the bouldering development done at Castle Peak, CA, The Sierra Buttes, CA, and Doyle, CA.

Some of my efforts have been published in the “Central Washington Bouldering” guide and the “Bouldering Lake Tahoe – North/West Shore Edition.”

I am enthusiastic, a hard worker, and passionate about furthering the culture of rock climbing.